Thursday, February 27, 2014

Picking The Right Pin For Your Shawl or Scarf

Knowing which accessory is the right one to complete your outfit is sometimes easier said than done. Do you want to compliment the colors or contrast with them? Something subdued or sparkling? Some people are really good at it, while others, like me, haven't a clue. Shawl Pin Heaven offers a wide variety of pins which can make the task easier or harder. So many choices, so little time..... Kim Federline owner of One Stop Crochet Knit on Etsy is pairing some of my pins with her line of beautifully knitted items. Here is one example:
The shawl is knitted using broomstick lace, also known as peacock eye stitch. Aptly, she chose my peacock feather shawl pin to go with it. The shawl and pin can be purchased together by clicking this link Or, if you prefer to make your own, you can purchase the pattern by clicking this link With so many choices facing us everyday, isn't it nice someone is making strides to make at least one choice easier? To check out my offering of shawl pins, please click on the link below Thanks for stopping by!