Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rainbow Flourite Wire Wrap Pendant

I'm a beadweaver by trade so when I decided to expand my jewelry line with wire wrapping, I wanted to somehow add a beadwoven style to my designs. This pendant is a result of that desire. There are 2mm hematite beads incorporated into the wire wrap frame. I'm curious if anyone else other than me feels this gives the wire wrap a beadwoven feel to it.

Don't be shy now, let me know what you think.......
The pendant is available through my Etsy shop by CLICKING HERE

Have a great day!


  1. Beautiful piece! There's always so much more to learn, isn't there? :-)

  2. Thank you Cyndi, yes, there's always so much to learn and so little time it seems. I'm happy to say that although Bead and Button turned down my submission, Step by Step Wire is going to feature this piece in their gallery. Yippee!!