Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Season Change

As we approach the new fall season, I find myself reflecting on accomplishments and events that happened during the summer months. This summer was full of happenings both personally and professionally. My granddaughter celebrated her 3rd birthday, my parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary and I got married. That in itself is a busy summer, but there were things that I accomplished professionally as well. After a year of business, a plan has emerged. I know they say you're supposed to write a business plan BEFORE you start a business, but that's not how I did it. I spent a year playing with beads, trying new ideas, and THEN came up with a business plan. Financially, it would have been better to do the plan first, but I feel so much more growth happened as an artist by not having a set plan this first year. I felt more free to explore my creative side and let a style emerge on its own. I now feel better equipped to focus on my plan.

I want to do some art festivals and then try out the wholesale market next year. Hopefully, the lessons I've learned this year will help me be better prepared to tackle the plan I've set for myself.

What do you plan to do to grow your business? I'd love to hear your ideas!!

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