Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Artist Friends

I wanted to take some time today to introduce everyone to a new friend of mine from Etsy, the online shopping source for handmade items. He's known as Teaman on Etsy and for a good reason, he makes some of the most delicious tea I've had and that's saying a lot! He's originally from Windsor, Ontario, Canada and relocated to the US in 1996. He lives in the quaint little town of Howell, Michigan with his wife, two daughters and a pug.

Teaman has worked with the production and custom blending of tea for years. His tea is bagged with the highest quality tea paper providing great flow through ability yet prohibits product dispersion keeping its contents intact. Whether it is Assam, Ceylon, Kenyan, Chinese, Indian or Japanese, his teas are always fresh and are of the highest quality. Hand blended with real fruit, spices, roots, or beans then enhanced by adding flavor flakes. A fairly unique process which sets his teas apart. It is like flavor crystals that enhance the flavors of the fruit and spices. Along the lines of flavor crystals when added to chewing gum. The crystals flavor is dispersed with the addition of boiling water filling your cup with robust flavor!

His Etsy shop (click here to visit his shop) even has a recipe for making iced tea!

Right now he's running a special offer available through the month of August – receive 25 FREE cherry, orange & almond teabags with EVERY purchase of $5 or more.

Purchases of under $5 will receive 10 free teabags.

Please check out Teaman's Etsy shop, you'll be glad you did!!!

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