Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Interview with Fellow Etsian

I'd like to introduce everyone to a new friend of mine on Etsy, Chel, of Fresh Picked Candles. Her candles are friendly to the environment, smell great and look great in your home.

She definitely knows her candles, having started making them over 30 years ago! In her shop profile she even explains soy and palm wax, which is what she uses in her candles.

Here's a little bit more about her, via an interview:

What types of items do you sell?
I sell scented natural wax (soy and palm wax) candles that I make in my kitchen at home. I primarly offer "fresh picked" fruit scents, but I have other fragrances available by custom order through Etsy, as well as unscented candles.

Where is your work available for sale?
I sell my candles online at Etsy (FreshPickedCandles.etsy.com), eCrater
(FreshPickedCandles.ecrater.com), Artfire (FreshPickedCandles.artfire.com), and 1000Markets (FreshPickedCandles.1000markets.com) as well as at local arts and crafts shows around the San Francisco Bay area.

How did you get started making your candles?
I started making candles with my mother as a child in the 70s. Candle-making was a very different experience back then. The only wax available to us was petroleum-based paraffin, and we used bits of crayons as dye in our candles. In college, I started making my own candles, and more recently become interested in making more environmentally friendly candles. I now use vegetable-based waxes (soy and palm) instead of petroleum derived wax. I am currently experimenting with pure essential oils to make an entirely new line of candles.

What other types of art do you make for fun?
In addition to making candles, I am a metalsmith, specializing in sterling silver gemstone jewelry and hypoallergenic earrings. My jewelry is available for sale on Etsy (http://lavajewelry.etsy.com), Artfire (http://lavajewelry.artfire.com), and 1000Markets (http://lavajewelry.1000markets.com). I also love watercolor painting, knitting, and crocheting.

Please check out her Etsy shop by CLICKING HERE!

Thank you, Chel, for taking time to talk about your wonderful candles!


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  1. Thank you so much for doing this! It is an honor to be featured. :)